WePad - Web Personalization Through Analysis of Implicit Data

Start date: 01-10-2017

End date: 31-08-2018


  • Personalization

Both content-based (e.g. through keyword or text analysis) and collaborative approaches (collaborative filtering) exist for the personalisation of web-based systems. Explicitly and/or implicitly collected data about users are used as a basis for user models. Implicitly collected data includes interaction data that can be queried on the client side using JavaScript (e.g. various events such as clicks, markers, etc.).

The project WePAD is concerned with the analysis of implicit user information gained from website use for the purpose of personalising information offers.

Within the project a web-based system that manages content and records and analyses user interactions will be prototypically realised. This prototype will also be used to evaluate the underlying concepts (e.g. derivation of user interest from interaction data) as well as personalisation concepts (e.g. recommendation).

Project lead

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Mirjam Augstein


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Johannes Schönböck

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Christina Lettner