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Personalized Environments


Collaborative Systems

We are PEEC

Personalized Environments and Collaborative Systems in short PEEC.

We are a part of the Research & Development center of the University of Applied Sciences of
Upper Austria and work at campus Hagenberg. Our group is devoted to the topics of
personalization and collaboration which are the two key research areas. Our objective is to bring
these two together. Combined they result in “Personal Collaborative Systems”.

The PEEC research group focuses on topics of personalization on the Web and the analysis and computer-based support of collaboration processes between humans and between humans and machines. Personalization includes, for example, the recommendation of content, individual adaptation of forms of presentation and individualization of interaction methods, but also the underlying modeling of relevant information (e.g. individual preferences and goals of users).

The analysis and support of collaboration is a very current topic, especially in the course of current trends towards flexible working conditions and (international) collaboration in spatially distributed teams.

The research group develops innovative (web-based) tools, which are adapted to the individual needs of users through human-centered, iterative design and evaluation processes with ongoing user involvement.

Our research group focuses on the Human-Centered Design (HCD) process and has extensive expertise in UX/UI design, prototyping, different qualitative and quantitative survey and evaluation methods and experience with complex methodological frameworks such as Contextual Design. This, as well as our expertise in Web and Model-Driven Engineering and Information Retrieval, is brought to bear in various cooperation projects with scientific and industrial partners.


With all our different projects there is a lot going on. Take a look at our latest news and get to know about our most recent developments and achievements.

Paper accepted at ICITS'24

"Through the Lens of Goalification - A Survey on Personal Informatics and Persuasive Systems Research" provides a survey on personal informatics and persuasive systems from a goal-oriented point of view.

Exciting internship results

Last week, three exciting internship projects concluded with their final presentations.

For the past three months, Francesco, Jensen, and Senne - from Belgian PXL University of Applied Sciences and Arts - supported our research group. While each of them worked on their own project, they had one…


We are working on more than just one project at the time. As you can see below, we are
categorizing our projects into different fields of expertise within our research. Get informed about
our current projects.

The Team

“One alone couldn’t do what we are able to do together.”

We are proud of our group of motivated researchers, experts and students which are all
contributing to the results of our projects. The team of PEEC consists of the lead, a team of
researchers and senior researchers and students.