Exciting internship results



Last week, three exciting internship projects concluded with their final presentations.

For the past three months, Francesco, Jensen, and Senne - from Belgian PXL University of Applied Sciences and Arts - supported our research group. While each of them worked on their own project, they had one common goal: to support hybrid collaboration with different support mechanisms.

Francesco developed a software environment that allows the remote control of a PTZ camera over various modalities. This camera can be used by remote participants to regain agency over their perspective and become more engaged in on-site collaboration.

Jensen experimented with different settings and hardware to explore the current potential of AR/VR collaboration. His insights help us see beyond flashy marketing shots and give us better understanding on feasibility, effort and obstacles of potential mixed reality solutions.

Senne implemented a low-cost meeting platform, which allows users to share multiple screens and video feeds simultaneously. This way, all meeting participants will have the possibility to get a complete picture over the entire collaboration space and all included documents and artifacts.

We are excited to gain further insights on these projects in future user studies.