iVolunteer - A digital platform for the utilization of informal skills in the volunteer sector

Start date: 01-01-2019

End date: 31-12-2021


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In times of refugee crisis and shortages of care, volunteering becomes an indispensable cornerstone of our society, from the social sector through education to disaster relief, but is also considered one of the most important places for informal, lifelong learning. In view of the massive structural change in the voluntary sector towards informal voluntary activities, the digital utilization of informally acquired competencies for the voluntary sector itself, but especially for the job and education market across organizational, activity-specific, local and temporal boundaries, becomes the central challenge to the high priority of lifelong learning processes, which have to be taken into account in order to enhance volunteering and thereby generate a benefit for astakeholders in the volunteer area.

According to the motto »I AM what I DO«, the main goal of the »iVOLUNTEER« project is to create a digital platform for the utilization of informal competences that are acquired through voluntary engagement. On the basis of a transparent, demonstrable bundling and persistence of the semi-automatically derived informal skills from activities, volunteer-specific "digital skills passes" - iVOLUNTEER- »FOOTPRINTS« are realized. These do not only create the basis for being able to increase the adequacy of the supply and demand for volunteer work and thus support skills acquisition and deployment - iVOLUNTEER- »MARKETPLACE«, but also to make skills visible and expand for the long-term commitment of guarantee volunteers in a goal- and incentive-oriented way - iVOLUNTEER- »ENCOURAGEMENT«.

The FFG Coin Network supports our project with a budget of EUR 165,448.


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