Career Advisory System

Start date: 01-07-2021

End date: 31-10-2023


  • Personalization

Within the project, the "Career Advisory System" is developed to improve the existing recruiting system of with concepts of Machine Learning. In a first step, a growing, comprehensive user profile of the job seekers is created automatically (Growing Candidate Profile). Based on this, a "Job Market Graph" is built using Unsupervised Machine Learning methods to connect data on occupations with, for example, industries, skills and additional characteristics. A semantic text and context analysis is used to continuously enrich the graph with new terms, while also supporting temporal evolution, e.g. changing requirements for an occupation. Based on the Job Market Graph, an intelligent, dynamic recommendation system submits suitable jobs and actively supports candidates with individual suggestions for potential career development.

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Johannes Schönböck


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Mirjam Augstein

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