CoPI – Collaborative Personalized Interaction

Start date: 01-11-2018


  • Collaboration
  • Personalization

Today's work environments are often characterized by a high degree of flexibility with regard to working time models (e.g. flexitime models, time shifts due to international cooperation) and workplaces (e.g. home office, various company locations). Special tools and algorithms help us to work together on collaborative tasks in the physical and virtual worlds. The research area Computer-Supported Cooperative Work (CSCW) deals, among other things, with the further development and improvement of these tools. Both collaborations at the same location (e.g. team meetings in the meeting room) and spatially separate collaborations (e.g. distributed teams work on a task) are considered. Typically, however, the teams as a whole are the focus of attention.

In addition, there are also approaches to adapt this support individually, but this has not been the focus of the CSCW research area so far, but the Adaptive Systems (AS) area has produced significant results, such as various approaches to personalization.

This project not only supports the individual participants in collaborations, but also aims to take into account and actively promote the group-wide working styles in tool support (e.g., due to the structure of the group, some teams require very close cooperation for certain tasks, while others require more loose cooperation). Another goal is the analysis of collaboration processes in order to subsequently respond to the individual collaboration participants with automated and adaptive support (e.g. in the form of personalized CSCW tools or in the form of suggestions from suitable collaboration partners).

The project is supported by the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria and its research budget is EUR 60,000.


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