Mentioning of our research in a blog post on the "Microsoft Research Blog" related to remote working and hybrid meetings


For some time now, Microsoft has been dealing with the topics of improving and facilitating remote work and the resulting challenges and demands on technology, which are now of great relevance. In a blog post on this topic, they called attention to a project by Dr. Mirjam Augstein and Dr. Thomas Neumayr of our research group.

In their blog post, Microsoft draws attention to the importance of research in the field of collaborative tools in order to be able to cope with the current situation, where home office is almost standard. It is extremely important to solve the technical challenges accordingly in order to guarantee an efficient way of working and a good working environment. In the article by MSR, the current project “Supporting Hybrid Collaboration for the Teams of Tomorrow” by Dr. Augstein and Dr. Neumayr was refered. Here, they deal with the support and productivity of hybrid meetings. This project is financially supported by the Microsoft Productivity Research program. The entire blog post is availiable via this link: