IVES - Interactive Visualizations for Recommender Systems

Start date: 01-09-2021

End date: 31-07-2023


  • Human-Computer Interaction
  • Personalization

In order to counter the problem of constantly growing volumes of data and the associated flood of information, and to reduce the data to a manageable level, recommendation systems are increasingly being used in online services and information systems. However, such systems often appear as a "black box": it is hardly comprehensible how recommendations come about or why a certain list of results is presented. Interactive visualizations can provide support on different levels to increase user confidence and improve the user experience (UX). Within the IVES project, an interface construction kit for interactive visualizations in recommendation systems, a design pattern catalog, and an exploration and analysis tool will be developed.

Project lead

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Mandy Keck


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Mirjam Augstein

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