Journal Article

J. Schönböck, W. Witteveen, P. Lonauer, C. Kovacs, M. Augstein, S. Pöchhacker and S. Oberpeilsteiner,"Using an Embedded Multi User Inverse Kinematic Solver for Intuitive Modeling and Simulation",Computer-Aided Design,vol. 152,pp. 103368,2022,doi:


Conference Paper

P. Lonauer, D. Holzmann, C. Leitner, A. Probst, S. Pöchhacker, S. Oberpeilsteiner, J. Schönböck and H. Jetter,"A Multi-Layer Architecture for Near Real-Time Collaboration during Distributed Modeling and Simulation of Cyberphysical Systems",in Procedia Computer Science,2021,pp. 190-199.

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