Cooperative Doctoral Program for FH OÖ and JKU Linz Approved - with PEEC Participation!


FH OÖ, Campus Hagenberg and JKU Linz are pleased to announce one of only five approved cooperative doctoral programs in Austria!

Within the framework of doc.funds.connect, a new FWF funding program that enables joint doctoral training between universities of applied sciences and universities, junior scientists at FH OÖ and JKU will conduct research on topics related to Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence (HCAI). HCAI is one of only five submissions that were approved in the first call for doc.funds.connect proposals. HCAI puts human aspects at the center of AI research – most importantly, methods that on the one hand make AI more transparent, understandable and fairer for humans and on the other hand also support the interaction between humans and AI systems, will be developed. A total of seven professors with complementary expertise from FH OÖ and JKU are involved: Ulrich Bodenhofer (FH OÖ), who heads the project, Michael Affenzeller (FH OÖ), Mirjam Augstein (FH OÖ, PEEC), Gabriele Kotsis (JKU), Martina Mara (JKU), Markus Schedl (JKU) and Marc Streit (JKU).